The City is My Canvas
by Richard Haas, introduction by Beth Dunlop, published by Prestel, Munich, London, New York.

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Every Haas mural has the flair and comic touch of the Baroque - art striving for the grand impression.
- Time

Few artists have the chance to take their creativity out into the wide world beyond museums and galleries and make a direct impact where ordinary people live.
- The New York Times

From the Publisher
From Italian Quadrata to Baroque and Rococo interiors, trompe l'oeil murals have a long tradition as decoration and didactic illustration. Muralist Richard Haas brings this tradition into the 21st century as he revitalizes forgotten buildings in eroding city centers by creating new 'false' facades that seamlessly blend into the existing environment. "The world is constantly changing, and the needs of the city change with it," says Haas. "Even if blank urban walls at key locations of the city are now primarily seen as opportunities for computer-generated advertisements, whole segments of the mid-range urban American landscape and large areas of our edge cities remain in drastic need of refinement, softening, and improvement."
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